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Francis T. S. Yu
Abstract: In this article I will show quantum qubit information transmission is as elusive as Schrodinger ‘s cat. Since there are two types of information transmission; namely Wiener and Shannon, I will start from mutual information to show that quantum qubit information-transmission is virtual as mathematics is, which is not existed [...] Read more.
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Francis T. S. Yu
Abstract: One of the most intriguing laws in modern physics must be the Boltzmann’s entropy principle. As it stated, entropy within an isolated subspace increases with time, but it does not tell us why it has to be changing naturally with time. Since any evolution of our universe has a profound connection on her subspaces, from which [...] Read more.
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Maria Pratt, Lynn Martin, Ruth Chen
Abstract: Background: While experienced practicing nurses are equipped with the knowledge and skills required in their specialized areas of practice, translating their expertise into nursing education as a clinical nursing instructor is not an easy feat. This study aims to explore the impact of a multimodal orientation program [...] Read more.
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Jayadevan CM
Abstract: This paper attempts to identify the impact of food wastage on economic growth using the data for 165 countries over the 2014-2018 period. With the help of ordinary least squares (OLS) and generalized linear model (GLM), the study shows that food wastage and poverty impact GDP growth negatively. Poverty and food wastage are [...] Read more.
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Mbu, Petronella, Rea Deirdra
Abstract: Objective: The rates of pediatric psychiatric patients who present to the Emergency Department (ED) have increased by 20% in the past ten years. There has been limited investigation into addressing this surge. This retrospective Quality Improvement (QI) study evaluates the impact of creating two programs within this [...] Read more.
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Toshimi Nakanishi, Miyu Hayasaka, Eri Endo, Ayumi Tsuchiya
Abstract: Ensuring shared decision-making processes between physicians and patients/families through informed consent (IC) is essential. However, information gaps and time constraints can make it difficult to achieve satisfactory IC. Therefore, medical-mediation by “a mediator” was conceived to address these issues. Medical-mediation [...] Read more.
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Nulu Reddeppa, B Jayarami Reddy, H Sudarsana Rao
Abstract: In general Primary Air fan (PA Fan) foundation consist of a block foundation / semi framed foundation with heavy concrete mass. Its dynamic behavior is studied using Barkan’s method by most of the engineering practitioners. This method has limitations in providing wholistic details of foundation behavior like transient stag [...] Read more.
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Karen Itzel González-Martínez, Aldo Giovanni Cerón-Solano, David Rafael Cañez-Martínez, Francisco Javier López-Parra, Luis Eduardo Bejarano-López
Abstract: Ultrasound at the bedside has gained popularity in more emergency departments and has been integrated as a central element in the training of residents. The Ocular Ultrasound was used for the detection of the Optical Nerve Sheath Diameter in the Ocular Trauma, Retinal Detachment , Intracranial Pressure and Vitreal Hemorrhag [...] Read more.
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fatma khinaifis Al thoubaity
Abstract: Background: Breast cancer (BC) is a heterogeneous disease based upon the status of three receptors. Triple negative BC (TNBC), a BC subtype, lacks the expression of estrogen and progesterone receptors as well as expression and amplification of HER2/neu and It appears more frequently in younger age group.
Obje [...] Read more.
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