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Melpomeni Bizhga, Evda Vevecka, Spiro Sila
Abstract: When a foreign body is evident because of history, examination and radiologic findings and especially when a tracheal foreign body is suspected, rigid bronchoscopy is indicated rather than flexible bronchoscopy.
Subject and material: During 101 2015-2018 flexible bronchoscopies are performed in UHC M Teresa, 51 of them [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (144 K)10 Downloads    58 Views    DOI: 10.54647/cm32779
Open Access
Katsuhide Murata
Abstract: In this study the author investigated the effect of non-acidic porous solid (silicalite) on the thermal degradation behavior of polypropylene and polystyrene, and found that silicalite affects the thermal degradation behavior of polypropylene and polystyrene as well as polyethylene, respectively. And for comparison with sil [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (1696 K)15 Downloads    93 Views    DOI: 10.54647/energy48156
Open Access
Ping Guo
Abstract: In the modern big data environment, Stochastic gradient descent is an important method for training neural networks, processing largescale data sets, optimization, etc. Deeply welcomed in various fields. With regard to SGD, the existing literature considers the stopping condition of parameter iteration. In fact, some unimp [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (257 K)12 Downloads    89 Views    DOI: 10.54647/mathematics11319
Open Access
Dali Feng, Wenliang Zhu, Tingting Zhang, Youkun Liu
Abstract: Background Nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) is particularly prevalent in the southern provinces of China,the aetiology of NPC is multifactorial but not clear.NPC case reports have a long history and many NPC cases of familial aggregation reported,but no report about NPC in parents and children in one family.
Ca [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (159 K)16 Downloads    85 Views    DOI: 10.54647/cm32747
Open Access
Mei Jie, He Qiang, Zhang Dapeng, Sun Xin
Abstract: Objective: Synovial fibroblasts (RASF) in rheumatoid arthritis are important mediators of synovial inflammation and joint destruction. This study provides valuable suggestions for the prevention and treatment of RA by observing catalase intervention in RASF and exploring its possible mechanisms.
Methods: [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (477 K)7 Downloads    106 Views    DOI: 10.54647/biology18219
Open Access
K. Victor Rajan, Freddy Frejus
Abstract: Expressing emotions through various channels is part of human life. Directly or indirectly, we somehow reflect our opinions through speech, writings, etc., in our daily life. Opinions containing emotional or sentimental words have huge impact in the society. Analyzing the emotions and sentiments of people has its own impor [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (457 K)15 Downloads    162 Views    DOI: 10.54647/computer52271
Open Access
Ángel Santillán Haro
Abstract: The first case of the Omicron variant in the world was detected on November 9, 2021 in South Africa. The World Health Organization on November 26, 2021 notifies as a variant of concern.
The first case of Omicron B.1.1.529 was detected in Ecuador on December 14, 2021, announced by the Minister of Public Health Ximena Ga [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (208 K)13 Downloads    151 Views    DOI: 10.54647/pm31166
Open Access
D. C. Lee
Abstract: This paper is to present the design consideration of the adjustable flexible auxetic structure which is used in the soft wearable suit with the multi-layer materials. In order to design a macro-auxetic structure with the elastic flexibilities of the soft wearable suit, it is important to make the auxetic unit cell with the [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (2672 K)10 Downloads    144 Views    DOI: 10.54647/materials43178
Open Access
Yihan Ye, Yiqian Jiang, Shiqian Zhu, Xiaole Qian, Suijun Jia, Lixia Ye
Abstract: The holistic level of conceptual understanding and teaching have been an issue of national concern in China. To describe the results of years of improvement in Chinese textbooks, this research examined the California textbook named Algebra1(A1) and Chinese textbooks of people’s edition(C1) and Zhejiang edition(C2). This stu [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (434 K)15 Downloads    129 Views    DOI: 10.54647/education88340
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