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Christer Oscar Kiselman
Abstract: This essay describes orbits of particles passing near the sun, first according to Newton’s celestial mechanics and then according to Einstein’s general theory of relativity. Attempts to verify the latter by observing the deflection of light during total solar eclipses are mentioned. Confirmation also comes from mea- sureme [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (11639 K)15 Downloads    31 Views    DOI: 10.54647/mathematics110381
Open Access
Abstract: Introduction: Simultaneous bilateral quadriceps tendon ruptures are uncommon knee injuries, though reported to frequently occur in males over 50 years of age. Bilateral simultaneous ruptures are rarely associated with minor trauma (1), but often associated with certain predisposing factors like obesity, diffuse idiop [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (127 K)15 Downloads    36 Views    DOI: 10.54647/sociology840990
Open Access
Fabiola Patricia Ratih Puspita, Hendyono Lim, Tirta Darmawan Susanto
Abstract: Cigarette has become the highest risk factor of death since 2017. The type of cigarette mostly used are kretek tobacco cigarette and electric cigarette (e-cigarette). Smoking cigarette can cause an impact on the neurological system, such as headache. Migraine is a primary headache that mainly occurs in age group between 15 [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (198 K)11 Downloads    32 Views    DOI: 10.54647/cm321001
Open Access
Suaib Suaib, M.J. Arma, D. Suleman, M. Taufik, Suharjo, N.F. Suaib, N.R.A. Suaib
Abstract: A numerous quantitative data about measurements of some agricultural research, would be meaning significantly after the data were tabulated and analysed in the adequate way. Commonly, the quantitative data should be tabulated and analysed by parametric principles so as to obtain the clear points. Usually, the pooled data ac [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (657 K)14 Downloads    29 Views    DOI: 10.54647/agriculture210316
Open Access
Yanjing Li, Ping Yang
Abstract: The rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) has promoted the reform of higher education in the form of a technological revolution. The internal mechanism of the development of the higher education system and the intervention of the external environment have promoted the development of higher education with the tim [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (249 K)10 Downloads    29 Views    DOI: 10.54647/education880398
Open Access
Victor Martinelli
Abstract: Mental health and well-being are the fundamental human rights and preconditions for achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (Dybdahl & Lien, 2017; World Health Organization, 2022). Since research shows an increasing incidence of mental health disorders among adolescents and a lack of studies related to mental health [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (258 K)10 Downloads    28 Views    DOI: 10.54647/sociology840992
Open Access
Ali M. Ussi, Christopher A. Muhando, Robert van Woesik
Abstract: The sustainability of coral populations depends on the steady supply of sexually produced offspring, especially as coral populations attempt to adjust to climate change. Therefore, information on the density, diversity, and survival of juvenile corals is vital for predicting recruitment success and determining the trajector [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (1072 K)9 Downloads    28 Views    DOI: 10.54647/geosciences170235
Open Access
Andre Frederick Leu
Abstract: To shift from a significant emitter to a major mitigator of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, agriculture needs to change from the current dominant paradigm of chemically intensive, industrial/conventional systems to regenerative systems by focusing on plant biology and living soil sciences. Maximizing photosynthesis to captu [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (289 K)10 Downloads    90 Views    DOI: 10.54647/agriculture210317
Open Access
Aitaa Sam Kilimvi, Joana Nshyira Owusu-Antwi
Abstract: World Health Organization (WHO) potentiates the goal of occupational health and safety as protecting employees' mental, bodily, and social health while they are working. Using Toyota Tsusho Corporation as a case study, this study aimed at examining the impact of occupational health and safety measures on employee commitment [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (802 K)7 Downloads    65 Views    DOI: 10.54647/economics790361
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